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I am a LOUISVILLE wedding DJ who makes memories at your event along with, fist pumps, air guitar, and twerking that often involves spilling a drink. If someone at your event hasn’t taken off their jacket and “flossed” between their legs with it, I dig deeper.  I spin those guilty-pleasure “everybody faves” in a fresh way (yes–including country music) by creating my own remixes/edits, sprinkling in a few “long lost loves,” and mixing seamlessly to remove awkward pauses. We pride ourselves in a seamless setup and providing the activities that will keep everyone engaged.

Even though I am primarily a Louisville wedding DJ, I have performed everywhere from Cincinnati, OH., Southern, In. and all over KY. I have been part of one of the largest GALA’s during the Derby for years. I have also provided music for  many big name companies.


"Melvin Lewis was the DJ for our wedding reception on October 14, 2017. Melvin did a great job with preparing for the event and making sure that everyone had a great time. I really enjoyed the selfies that guests were able to take and post for everyone to see. I would recommend Melvin for your next event, you will not be disappointed."


JENNIFER BLAIR - "Jennifer Blair Thanks so much! You were Fantastic and everyone had great things to say how fun the music was. Thanks for helping make our day special! These are some great shots. Taylor Blair - "First thing I heard from my colleagues today on how wonderful you were!!! We were Lucky to have you there Mel. THANK YOU!!!!!

Tara Carter

Melvin did my Wedding on 04/27/13 at Huber's Winery. I have been to many weddings and I am a strong believer that DJ's can make or break the mood of your reception. I still have people tell me that my wedding was the most fun they ever had at a wedding. Melvin was so engaged with the wedding guests and took requests that he knew I was ok with hearing. I loved that he took time to get a playlist of our favorite music to play at the wedding. He was willing to add or take out things that maybe you wouldn't want to do at your reception. He was very attentive to detail and did an excellent job overall. I would strongly recommend him to anyone that is in need of a DJ!!!!